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Urolithiasis, An Issue of Urologic Clinics

Urolithiasis, An Issue of Urologic Clinics (The Clinics: Surgery)
By Margaret S. Pearle

Publisher: Saunders
Number Of Pages: 462
Publication Date: 2007-09-04
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1416043772
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781416043775
Binding: Hardcover

Upper urinary tract stones are a significant source of morbidity and cost in industrialized society. With genetic, environmental and metabolic risk factors for stone formation, stone disease affects a large cross section of the population. Consequently, strategies aimed at stone prevention are attractive. To that end, a thoroughly understanding of the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of stone disease is critical in order to target key physiologic processes that can be manipulated in order to prevent stone formation. Likewise, the identification of individuals at high risk of stone formation can streamline the selection, evaluation and treatment of patients with a history of stones. However, despite our best efforts to prevent stone formation, stones do and will continue to occur. As such, surgical treatments with the least morbidity and highest effectiveness are continuously sought. In this issue of Urologic Clinics, all aspects of stone disease, from pathogenesis to surgical treatment to prevention is explored in order to provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of stone disease and an update on the most recent innovations in surgical and medical management.


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