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When the Diagnosis Is Multiple Sclerosis:

When the Diagnosis Is Multiple Sclerosis: Help, Hope, and Insights from an Affected Physician (The Praeger Series on Contemporary Health and Living)
By Kym Orsetti Furney
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
Number Of Pages: 144
Publication Date: 2007-12-30
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0275994686
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780275994686
Binding: Hardcover

Kym Orsetti Furney was a 34-year-old physician, specializing in Internal Medicine, busy with her exciting job and enjoying life with her husband and young daughter in 2000, when she suddenly began to experience dizziness repeatedly, which rapidly led to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Her world was rocked for a time, but Furney has recovered from the shock and–empowered by information, acceptance and support–continues working as a doctor, teaching, and taking care of her family, despite the challenges of MS. For all people dealing with a personal or family diagnosis, she offers help, hope, and insights by explaining all the medical perspectives, but also reflecting on her own personal experiences after diagnosis. Never forgetting the fear and hopelessness she felt at the time she learned of her own MS, she discusses the many challenges, from depression and overcoming fear of injection medications, to how and when to tell others about having MS and understanding the impact MS may have on one’s career. Readers will find a strong connection with this talented physician and the thoughts and emotions that she has had facing MS. Furney’s well-researched and compassionate writing will not only empower people newly diagnosed with MS, but will give family members insight into the physical and emotional challenges for their loved one, challenges that she or he may not immediately be able to voice. This work also offers invaluable insights for healthcare professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists, physical and occupational therapists.


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